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220Proof - FPV Multirotor Frame

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Quick Overview:

The 220Proof Multi-Rotor frame by Drone Lab NZ

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Drone Lab is proud to introduce their new manufacturing company Proof-UAV, and the latest freestyle/race frame the 220Proof  
The 220Proof combines thought out geometry, strength and weight performance for the most discerning FPV pilots.

Proof FPV


Low CG Adjustable Top plate
The 220Proof features an adjustable dropdown battery top plate that keeps your flight battery closer to prop level lowering the overall centre of gravity, resulting in improved flight characteristics. Tracking, flips, rolls,  overall tuning and flight performance is greatly improved. Choose between an 18mm or 24mm battery height with the supplied standoffs, depending on your build configuration and desired COG. 
Choose your height


Quick Swap Arms 
Quick swap 4mm boomerang arms provide strength across the main body and are fully removable without taking the top plate, PDB or Flight controller out of the frame. Ideal for fast repairs in the pits or out in the field. This is achieved buy using M3 press fit nuts in the bottom plate, no need to squeeze pliers or a crescent under the PDB, one tool removal for the centre screws. Large through holes for PDB screws not only make arm removal easier, but reduce vibrations that travel though arms up in to flight controller.

Quick Swap Arms


Chamfered Arms
Chamfered arms provide an aesthetically pleasing finish, eliminate the need for sanding but also insure delamination is not an issue. In fact the 220Proofs arms come with a 1 year delam warranty*

Chamfered Arms Proof220


Runcam Swift Camera Bracket 
The 1.5mm camera section is designed to work perfectly with HS1177 style cameras and Runcam swifts, half circle cutouts make use of the Runcams backplate bracket, ensuring your fpv is incredibly well fixed and won't move even in heavy crashes   

Thanks to the droptop design, camera section and battery section are removable separately making maintenance and repairs a breeze. Fully remove the camera housing while leaving the main back section intact & vice versa.


X Brace Strength
Included in with the frame is a 1.5mm X brace that provides extra strength, stiffness and helps removes any vibrations that may be caused by un-balanced props or motors. For those concerned about weight, the X Brace is an optional feature, but is highly recommended. Adding only 4.5g, it's a worth while addition to your build

Proof Xbrace 







Tested and Proven 
ProofUAV is committed to high quality manufacture and customer satisfaction, We take QC and performance very seriously. Our team pilots are not easily pleased and we listen to their feedback and comments. After months of flying and testing we believe we have found the perfect airframe that will perform in the air, improve flying experience, but also stand up to the punishment that freestyle and racing pilots put their gear through. A perfect balance. 


In the Box

  • 2x Chamfered 4mm quickswap boomerang arms
  • 1x 2mm Bottom plate
  • 1x 2mm battery top plate
  • 2x 1.5mm camera sidewalls 
  • 1x 1.5mm camera top plate
  • 1.5mm X brace & hardware
  • Stainless steel M3 hardware
  • Aluminium stand off kit (18-24mm height included)
  • 4x M3 Aluminum locknuts
  • 1x Proof UAV 100Proof PDB
  • Custom Proof battery grip pad 
  • 4x Landing pads  
  • Black XT60 Pigtale
  • 1x battery strap
  • PDB nylon mounting hardware 


Specs & Features 

  • 3K twill Carbon Fibre components 
  • 220mm wheelbase 
  • 18mm or 24mm battery plate height (with included standoffs) 
  • Black stainless steel hardware
  • Sub 99g weight with optional aluminium hardware 
  • 108g weight with included SS hardware X brace 
  • Quick swap 4mm chamfered arms 
  • 1 Year Delam warranty on arms*


Check out team pilot SnakeFPV On the 220Proof.

Download the Proof-UAV Intro HERE for if you want to kick your FPV vids off in style! 

Proof Intro download

Please note: Due to manufacturing tolerances some components may require a small amount of sanding/filing. Specifically the camera sidewalls when fitted to the bottom plate. 

* warranty covers delamination from manufacturing errors, does not cover delamination from broken or impacted components (although taken on a case by case basis)

If you think your frame is not up to standard, or something has slipped past QC. Please let us know. Your satisfaction is our main priority & we will not leave you out of pocket. 


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    The Best
    Review by JONTYFPVon 1/28/2017
    In my opinion currently the best frame on the market! well done!