King of Kings LED Strip Driver
King of Kings LED Strip Driver
King of Kings LED Strip Driver
King of Kings LED Strip Driver

King of Kings LED Strip Driver

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The RC WS2812B LED Strip Driver is a small circuit board to control a strip of WS2812B RGB LEDs.
The WS2812B LEDs are often used on small FPV racing craft to make them easier to spot for spectators and other pilots.

People normally set the strip to their preferred colour so that different racers can easily be identified. This is normally controlled by the crafts flight controller. Some miniquad flight controllers (both old and new) do not support these LEDs.

Standard planes and wings, which do not have a flight controller, have no way of controlling the LEDs on their craft. This board lets you connect the WS2812B LED strip directly to your RC receiver, which will then let you control the colour of the LED strip via your RC transmitter. 

Wiring Diagram

Wiring the WS2812B LED Strip Driver is easy. There are labels on the back of the PCB labelling the radio inputs (Signal, 5V and Ground) and also the WS2812 outputs (5V, Data Out and Ground). Simply hook these up like so, and the LED strip will be controlled from your transmitter on whatever channel you connect it to. 


Colour Chart

The WS2812B LED Strip Driver supports input from standard RC PWM output. The standard PWM signal is from 1000uS to 2000uS, with 1500uS as its midpoint. The chart below shows what colour the LED strip will output with what signal input. 


The colour can also be set by soldering a resistor to the pads on the back of the PCB. The resistor value should be between 1K3 and 82K and should be of ‘0805’ in size. DigiKey or RS will have what you need, or you can get resistor books with all sorts of values from places like aliexpress. 




Size: 12.7mm x 8.1mm x 3.1mm (0.5”x0.32”x0.12”)
Operating Voltage: 3.5V-7V
Number of LEDs supported: 255 LEDs


Designed By
Neil van Geffen –