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Agriculture & Farming

 The world of agriculture and farming is changing now that drones are here!


The Benefits of Drones in Agriculture & Farming

  •  Increase Yields

Find potentially yield limiting problems in a timely fashion. This level of detail can help farmers increase production and efficiencies that lead to higher yields.

  • Save Time

One of the major benefits of drones in farming is the ability to scout farm fields both quickly and efficiently. Rather than having growers evaluate fields manually on foot or by tractor, this technology allows farmers to gain immediate knowledge about the status of their fields in shorter periods of time. This information can be gathered whenever and wherever it is needed, minimizing the response time required to address issues and maintain crops.

  • Crop Health Imaging

New drone technology is very effective at collecting data to help farmers improve crop health. Seeing the true health of your field in a color contrast allows you to see how much sunlight is being absorbed by the crop canopy. Drones flying over a field can collect plant height measurements by gathering range information from the plant canopy and the ground below.

  • Water efficiency and other environmental benefits

Thermal cameras mounted to a drone are able to detect cooler, well-watered field regions as well as dry hot patches. Farmers can use this data to adjust field irrigation and avoid wasting excess water. This ability to increase water optimization is particularly valuable in drought-stricken areas in New Zealand. And by increasing water and fertilizer efficiency, drone technology also helps reduce excess fertilizer that runs off into nearby rivers and streams. Less runoff decreases the algal blooms and dead zones in our water systems.


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