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Film & Photography

The Benefits of Drones in Film & Photography


Unlimited Versatility

 Due to the drone’s compact size in nature, they are able to provide unique and interesting video angles that were not possible with the use of a manned aircraft.

Become Unforgettable

With shots taken from a drone you can make a small budget product look like a multi millon dollar production

Save Time

In order to capture aerial footage in the past, booking a helicopter was the method of choice, over a fixed wing plane, due to their versatility. But even though they are very versatile, you still needed to invest a ton of time to prepare the site and all of the staff in order to manage the whole process and ensure the safety of everyone involved. With a drone team, you don’t run into those issues anymore due to the fact that you use a much smaller team – usually just a drone operator and someone to operate the camera at the very least. 


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