1-8 Cell Lipo Checker/Voltage Alarm/Buzzer

1-8 Cell Lipo Checker/Voltage Alarm/Buzzer

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This Lipo voltage alarm and voltage tester is an essential tool for any multirotor pilot.

Lipo batteries are very sensitvie to over discharging, as a general rule Is is not wise to drain your battery under 20% of its total voltage, while in the air thats arond 3.5v a cell.

Knowing when your batteries are depleted is important! If you're not using telemerty for voltage metering, a voltage alarm is a great way to monitor your lipo's and keep them healthy!  

  • Test each cells voltage and ballance by simply pluging in your lipo's ballance leed 
  • Works for 2-8 Cell lipos 
  • Loud peizo for audible warnings 
  • small enough to mount to your miniquad for a reliable/afforadable way to keep your lipos at a safe voltage 
  • Displays total votage and each cell voltage 
  • Programable to your desired voltage eg, 3.5v
  • A great way to quickly check your battery before flight